Beginning Again

As some readers may know I used to have a blog. I had it from about the age of 14-15 up until last year but at that point I was maybe posting every few months. So I gave it up and still need to delete it into eternity. It had lost its vibe, though I’m not sure it ever had one other than teenager trying to blog and confusing everyone, and had become a crazy and sporadic hodgepodge of many topics.

So why pick blogging up again? Well I love to write. I am not the most outgoing of persons. I can be as outgoing as I need to be for my job but for me to go up and speak to someone can be difficult, I much prefer to hang out in a corner in a coffee shop with my book and pretend to read but actually be people watching. I actually do love to read so it’s a combination of the two if I’m going to be honest. Writing for me is an outlet. Watching ink flow from my pen and letters and words appear on a screen is relaxing yet invigorating. I believe there is power in words and that what we speak and write greatly affects our lives.

I hope to be an encouragement to people. I hope that my words uplift people and at times gives others reason to pause and think of something in another way. I have no doubt that my posts will still be of the topic hopping variety-I have so many interests I am passionate about that it is difficult for me to stick to one theme. This time my posting should stay on track. So thanks for reading along and following our lives online. Should be a good time.

Blogging also gives us a way to connect with others. How neat is it that we live in a world now where we are able to connect and relate with other people around the world from our living room? We have such an opportunity to learn about other places and lives and that really is incredible. This world needs more love in it. Lets create that community here and in our daily lives.

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