Anchored In Hope

I’ve been debating what to sit here and write for this post for over a week. Yes, we just started our blog a little over a week ago. But that’s how I am. I am an overplanner/worrier/coffee fueled anxiety-living hairball. (I have a lot of hair in case you were wondering. Deceptively thick. Also with all my animals I’m usually coated in pet hair.)

“Okay so this week I think I’ll write a nice generic post and then next week I might get a little deeper but who knows it IS the internet we are talking about here anything could happen if I say the wrong word.” -dialogue from my mind.

I try to work hard and stay busy. But when the quiet sets in and I start thinking I start worrying about every. single. thing. This past week was supposed to be laid back and fun. I had a class hosted by someone I’ve followed on Instagram for years (and it was AMAZING!).

But then there was a fire that took out a loved bookstore across the street from where I work a couple days a week. When that bookstore went a clothing store was damaged as well. But the biggest loss was two apartments above the bookstore that affected friends of mine who lost everything. They’re okay, thankfully. While it has been heartbreaking it has also been incredible to see this community come together  to help all of these people.

Then we got word that something my husband and I have been trying to secure may fall through entirely after months of work.(More detail on that later). One hit after another. I was upset, obviously, and my anxiety kicked into high gear. Little to no sleep, panic attacks which always come at the worst times possible, and feelings of helplessness. Anxiety is real. It’s powerful. In the middle of an attack I know what’s going on. I try to think of how I can take away it’s power. Sometimes I can. Other times I just hope it ends quickly.

Over the years I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that help whenever I feel my anxiety trying to consume me.

  1. Prayer: The power of prayer is not to be messed with. Praying and reaching out to others asking for prayer has healed more times than I’ll ever be able to count. That goes for more than just anxiety too, that goes for all things pertaining to life.
  2. A good support system: Again, this is just good in general. Surround yourself with people who are loving and uplifting and will support you and see you through anything. Little side note here-be sure you always do the same for them as well. Friendships are not one way relationships.
  3. Yoga or some other form of exercise: I danced for years and after I finally quit I felt like I had lost a part of me. Soon I realized I just didn’t feel great. I have fibromyalgia so exercises such as running are normally too high of impact, but yoga is kind on my joints and gives me time to just breathe and focus. I’m not the greatest at it but I enjoy it and it helps.
  4. Taking Time Out: Sometimes you just need an hour or a day to just step back and do something you truly enjoy. Painting, drawing, hiking, crafting, music, whatever you like. Take time to focus on you.
  5. Clicking in with devotionals: Have you ever heard of She Reads Truth ? Kendra introduced me to this app months ago and I cannot get enough of it. Yes you have to pay for most of these devotionals but $1.99 is average for at least a weeks worth of devotionals. I have a hard time staying on track sometimes. Forcing myself to sit down and spend time with God can be so difficult but it truly makes the largest difference. My anxiety is still there, but there’s a handle on it. My trust and rest is in God alone and staying in tune with Him just strengthens that relationship. I truly would be a mess 100% of the time without Him.

Sometimes I have to sit down and cry. That’s okay. Life is life. But I cannot imagine life without Jesus. My anxiety can come crashing in and smack me in the face some days, but I know I have hope. I’ve been so blessed with a husband who loves me through it all, the good days and the bad. We know that we have reminders all around us of God’s good and perfect promises and His grace, love and joy are never ending no matter what our circumstances.

These past two days have been days of hope. Days of good news and of reminders of my Jesus’s sweet grace. There is always hope my friends. Always hope.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

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2 thoughts on “Anchored In Hope

  1. This is perfect! I find that those very same things are a big help as well. Well written! I’m always here for you and praying for you. Love you girl!♥


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