Frostbitten Raspberry Cake

I love to bake. I absolutely love it. Ask anyone in my family and they will confirm this tidbit about me. I have perfected my chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe and can make some decent creme brulee. That’s right, I get fancy with it. So for my 22nd birthday several months back I decided I wanted to make a cake I had seen on Pinterest. Frostbitten Raspberry Cake. Sounds amazing, right? It looked simple enough. It had some timing in it that I hadn’t messed with before but no biggie. It was a Russian sponge cake. Naive me thought it wouldn’t be very different from a regular sponge cake.


This cake was definitely a challenge. So first off it calls for three 8″ round pans. If anyone could explain to me why in the middle of February I could not find 8″ pans for anything, and finally finding 1 in Walmart, that would be great. Actually don’t I’m still a little bitter over that. Before finding that single 8″ pan though I tried to make the layers with 9″ pans. That 1″ in a cake pans makes a huge difference. They were fairly thin. So I set them to the side (thankfully) and went to Walmart.

So after finding the single 1″ pan I decided to try that one out. It was a beautiful single layer. Here’s the issue, to get that cake to rise correctly when you bake it you have to beat the batter for a very specific amount of time. So to make it work the best I could I made my single 8″ and then made another 9″. I then layered my 9″ two each and cut them around to fit the nice and pretty 8″ layer. Perfect.

Then came the soaking of the layers. I used Dekuyper Razzmatazz and simple syrup mixed in equal parts and drizzled (okay closer to legitimately soaked) each layer. Mmmm. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound good. Unless you don’t like raspberry of course, which in that case you just don’t count. Sorry.

Things went fairly smoothly after that. The white chocolate icing came together beautifully and went on nicely and the fresh raspberries filled each layer. This cake was HUGE. Because I decided to layer my 9″ sheets like I did it added some major height. Thus why the extra soaking of them with the simple syrup mixture. It was a rich cake with plenty left over. Probably because I made enough for about 20+ people on accident. More for me!

My version of the Frostbitten Raspberry Cake.


Would I make this cake again? Yes. I would. It was time consuming and a couple times I wanted to toss it in the trash entirely, but once I got a game plan together it came together better than I thought it would. Really the only issue was the cake pans. If you go to make this cake, just be 110% sure that you have three 8″ cake pans. Don’t go my route, it’s not worth the frustration.

Don’t you love it when a Pinterest recipe comes together?

What are some Pinterest recipes, or challenging ones, that have come together that you love?

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One thought on “Frostbitten Raspberry Cake

  1. That cake was so good and pretty! ^-^
    I found a recipe for Korean pork chop wraps. I’m not much of a cook and you know I kinda hate it. Haha But they turned out great and was surprisingly easy to make! I made them several more times and I was able to change it up by adding or increasing an ingredient here and there. It is definitely nice when a Pinterest recipe turns out!


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