On His Way Rejoicing

“He went on his way rejoicing” Acts 8:39

That isn’t always easy, is it? To go on our way rejoicing? The above scripture is speaking specifically about the Eunuch that Philip spoke to and when Philip had baptized the Eunuch the Spirit of the Lord took Philip away and the Eunuch never saw him again. But went on his way rejoicing. Honestly how confusing would that have been? Sitting on the side of the road reading the teachings but not really understanding them (let’s be real here too-I think more than just I can relate to that!) and suddenly someone comes along and asks if you need help. Then this person explains the scripture to you and is a witness, baptizes you, and then is taken away by the Spirit of the Lord.

He went on his way rejoicing.

Maybe he stood there confused for a few moments. But we are told that he moved on rejoicing. Rejoicing in his newfound faith and life in Christ, the giver of true life. How many times does something happen in our lives that leaves us confused or that we stumble and we just aren’t sure what to do next? Let’s see, I think I can count a few times a day. Life is crazy. How often do we choose to go on rejoicing in Jesus?

Stumbling is a part of life. Human nature is clearly not perfect, look at all that is happening around us in this world. Sometimes we do something and just don’t know how to pick back up. We as Christians have a choice to choose joy or to choose misery. In reality, sometimes it seems easier to choose misery. To guilt ourselves into feeling like we are not worthy of choosing joy and grace and forgiveness that comes from true repentance.

We have no idea what the Eunuch’s former life was like, scripture gives us very little background to him other than he was in charge of the treasury of the Kandake (queen of Ethiopians). Which is a hefty title in my opinion. But there is no doubt that he, like all of us, had made choices that he deeply regretted and made him feel unworthy of Christ’s pure love and full forgiveness. Yet it was there and because Philip explained the Scripture to him, this Eunuch accepted Christ and was baptized there. His life was forever changed in that moment.

Life is stressful but I am so glad that my God is greater. When I fall and fail those around me sometimes I truly believe God allows that so that I can feel the true depth and gentleness of His amazing love and grace. Even though I don’t want to feel it at times because I feel like I don’t deserve it, my soul craves it. I believe everyone’s soul craves this love. I have yet to meet a single person who doesn’t tell me they don’t quite feel like they don’t fit in where they are. It’s because we were created for somewhere other than this earth.  I am so thankful that my soul craves this love that breaks my will and brings me peace and joy.

This post is a little scattered but I hope that what I’m trying to say makes sense. I’m writing by the seat of my pants right now, which is quite possibly the worst way to write. Let us be like Philip, someone who is willing to study the Scripture with someone and who is receptive to God at all times. We can get there by spending time with our Savior through His word, prayer, and constant surrender of self. Let us be like the Eunuch who stepped into faith by being receptive to the teaching of a Godly person and who chooses joy.

“He went on his way rejoicing.”

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