Book Lovin’

If I had it my way, every day would be spent either curled up in a comfy chair reading or laying out on the beach reading. Preferably a comfy chair on the beach if we get really honest here. Clearly, I love to read. Here are a few of my favorites:


Jane Austen=Love. I really think Emma was one of Jane Austen’s more underrated books. I love it more than Pride & Prejudice. The humor in it is simply fantastic. The wittiness of Emma and the messes that she gets herself into keep you hooked. If you also like to watch the movies, go with the BBC version.

And Only To Deceive

So this is actually a series of 10 books which I didn’t realize when I read the 10th one first. Actually there’s 12 if you count the two short stories. Don’t follow in my footsteps here. Read these in order. These are historical mysteries taking place around the time that women’s rights were being brought into England. I love a good historical mystery series that isn’t overly heavy on romance nor does every story line repeat itself in each book and Tasha Alexander nailed it with all of these. Love!

Mere Christianity

Another all time favorite writer always has been and always will be the amazing C.S. Lewis. This book is not the easiest to read at points but is filled with wisdom. Right off the bat I knew I would love this book as Lewis lays out what Christianity truly is. These were originally recorded with BBC and later were written out to make this 3 part book. Highly recommend to anyone no matter what religion they claim or don’t claim. If curious about some theology behind Christianity this is the book for you.

Screwtape Letters

Oh The Screwtape Letters. I have read this book about 4 times and currently have it loaned out. This is an extremely unique book. It is written as fiction but reads as non-fiction. I will warn you, this book will make you think about everything that happens in your life and every thought you have. It is an excellent portrayal of how easily we can slip away from Christ and the snares that are hidden in plain sight. I could write paragraphs on this book singing it’s praises. Read it. Listen to it, it has been recorded and is fantastic. This is without a doubt a must read.

So there’s a very small amount of some of my favorites. Let me know if you read any of these or if you have before! What are your favorites? Do you like fiction and non-fiction or do you favor one over the other? Read on my fellow bookworms.

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