falling back in love with the Word of God.


I shared in a previous post that I felt far from God. I knew it was my own fault. I knew it was me distancing myself & that He was near. But I continued to ignore the pages of the life-giving Word. I continued to allow myself to slip deeper into a slump of not reading and not being fulfilled.


Last Sunday, I was meeting with some ladies from my small group bible study & we all were sharing about how difficult we found it to open and spend time in God’s Word.

It wasn’t an easy topic. But we all shared our struggles and decided to read through the “Open Your Bible” devo on She Reads Truth together.

{If you’ve never checked out She Reads Truth — or He Reads Truth if you’re a dude — I would highly recommend it. Haley and I both use it and it’s been transformational in my quiet time}.

The devotion said this:

“It’s possible you haven’t opened your Bible lately — or ever — because it’s not important. You may believe it’s true and good for others, but it doesn’t seem necessary for you. Or perhaps you have the basics down and don’t feel a need to dig deeper.

Maybe it is important to you, but it’s just not urgent. You think the bible is definitely worth reading and would love to make some time to sit down and read it, but there is always something more urgent that needs done, so your bible remains closed.”

Dang. That hit me hard and convicted me to the core.
Is the Bible even important to me anymore?
Is it just not urgent?

No. I don’t want that to be true in my life.

I decided then and there at that table in Panera bread that I wouldn’t allow the Holy, life-giving, living, breathing, active Word of God sit on my bedside unopened any longer.

I also decided that I needed to have grace for myself and not expect myself spend hours upon hours in the Word everyday and beat myself up for NOT living up to that expectation.

So I started the Hosea plan on She Reads Truth (I’ve done it once or twice before and I’m madly in love with it). Hosea is a beautiful picture of God’s relentless, unchanging, unconditional love for us. If you’ve never read Hosea, please do.

If you’re like me, struggling to open your Bible, take heart, you’re not alone.

But here’s my challenge: will you open your Bible with me? Help hold me accountable? Share encouraging verses of scripture?

We’re not called to walk this life alone. We are called to community and we can have that – even here on the world wide web!

I’d love to dig into the pages of this Book with you.
You can contact me or leave a comment below so we can connect!

Even when it gets tough and even when the things we’re reading are difficult to understand or hard to believe, it’s worth it.

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