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Color Changes Everything

So guess who forgot it was Tuesday? Woohoo! That’s what happens when you buy a house and are getting up at 6am and staying up til 3am working on it. So today is just a quick bit on how much color can change haircolor. So our hair is created to reflect multiple colors. So have you ever noticed that whenever you get your hair done it looks different depending on the light? Sometimes really different? This is why a lot of stylists prefer to have a lot of windows in their salon. Natural light is the best to see true color. Take a peek below:

Round 1
Round 1

Same day, different lighting. My sister has had a lot of red on her hair from the past and so we knew it would be showing up in her hair. We loved both colors depending on the light but how crazy is that?

Round 2 (from before any ombre to finished ombre)
Round 2

Oh the finished look. Hello ombre. Now the difference between a cloudy day and a sunny day isn’t quite as drastic as from round 1, but it still is enough to make a decent difference. Again we loved both colors and I’m so happy we hit her goal color. Don’t forget with ombres that it normally takes more than one session. Especially if you have had former color on your hair, if your hair is extremely dark and depending on how light you want to go, and how your hair reacts to the lightener. This happens with every color. I had one color on my own hair that looks super light blonde inside and reflected back purple in the sunlight. It. Was. Awesome.

So the next time you get your hair colored make sure to remember that your color will usually look differently depending on the light. That’s actually a really good (and fun) thing. Enjoy the dimensions!

P.S. Kendra and I are actually together right now. Which is always awesome since we live a few hours away from each other. Soul sisters. What are we doing? Having coffee together. At the place where it all began. Kind of. Maybe we will tell you that story soon, it’s pretty fantastic.

Imagine that.


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