Two weeks ago, I can’t remember where I wrote my post from. Last week it was in our church because I was doing some painting and they had wifi. *edit at the end!!!!* Today it’s in our new house that is under some renovation and I’m using my hotspot because our internet provider still hasn’t hooked up our internet like it should have been. Two days ago. Which is why this post is a day late. Sorry! Needless to say it’s a little more than crazy right now. I feel like we are going 100mph and it never fails that something comes up to twist my plans and make them that much more crazy. Finding time to breathe seems to be a little difficult and the last thing I want to do is miss out on those moments.

The smiles.

The laughter.

The accomplishments. (and the failures-to take them in stride and keep moving)

Yesterday my body finally decided enough is enough, and I have fibromyalgia so when that happens it isn’t kidding. So instead of getting some trim painted and unpacking a ton of boxes like I had planned I managed to run a couple errands and then mostly just lay under a blanket on the couch. Finally I was able to get up and make some decent headway on the spare bedroom. Getting. Closer.

Sometimes it feels like I’m failing in getting goals that I have set out to do finished. But the reality is when we do not take care of our bodies, especially those of us who identify as spoonies, then we are always going to miss the goals. The failures that build up until they seem to outweigh the good. There are days where I struggle to just hold a conversation. I’m pretty stubborn and push on but eventually that catches up with me. I want to enjoy the moments. I want to live in those moments. To do that sometimes I have to take a little time for myself. Sometimes all that’s needed is an hour, others it’s a solid day.

A few things that I have learned to adjust are:

  • Taking some me time. This I strongly believe is universal, spoonie or not. Extrovert, introvert, spoonie, perfectly healthy, if we as human beings do not take time to rest and recharge we will burn out. For some people they just need 30min of recharge and I know others who need days. Do what you need to do to feel more like you.  I try to spend a good amount of my “me time” with God. The best kind of recharge.
  • Disconnect from social media. So this one definitely ties in with the above. I always joke that if I didn’t use social media so much for my career I would probably ditch it. It’s mentally exhausting 90% of the time.
  • Hot baths. So for my fibro nothing is better than a hot bath. (so excited. this house has a whirlpool tub and since we got our water heater fixed and I have it scrubbed out-it shall get plenty of use.) For some spoonies this is awful, but I have always been the person who loves a good hot bath. Especially in a whirlpool tub. This goes for everyone. Just good destressing advice. Goodbye cares.
  • Having a good circle. Yes, this was on my post about anxiety as well. But it is so true and always will be no matter what. Those friends that don’t care that hanging out sometimes just playing some video games or watching the same TV show 100 times. That push you to grow in a healthy way but not in a cruel way. That know that real friendship is being there for each other, not just one way. That is immensely important. Be there for them and remember that actions always speak louder than words.

Okay so this to me feels like a pretty generic post but they are a few things that help me stay in the moment and not burn out every 48hrs. Because believe me I will go until I crash. Speaking of which, please excuse me while I begin unpacking again. By the way Willow and Violet have adjusted very well to their new home and Willow is especially enjoying all the windows.

What are things that help you stay in the moment? Spoonies, what are your best tips and tricks to help avoid or lessen a crash?

*edit: case in point for the missing things. I totally forgot, last week I was with Kendra and TWO weeks ago I was at the church! Hahaha!*

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One thought on “100mph

  1. Good tips Haley. Things that I do and things I have had to learn the hard way! One thing that helps me is pulling back socially. People, even the closest of friends is very draining for me. Sometimes even a text is too much. I am someone that is highly conscious of other’s feelings and constantly wants to give so I often neglect my physical and mental health, things that go hand and hand for someone with ME/Fibro (though I’m doing better about that now.) But I suppose pulling back socially goes along with the “me time” (God time.) One other thing that is helpful for me and many, many other spoonies I know is spending time with your pet (or someone else’s pet.) Animals are very therapeutic and if they’re a lazy cat, like mine, they don’t expect much out of you and accept you they way you are.
    Love you girl! Sending gentle hugs and spoons♥

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