Why I Strongly Dislike Fall

Clearly, I don’t hate fall. I really don’t. I will say it jokingly but it isn’t true. I enjoy the coziness and the cooler nights and the rich colors and the comfort foods. But overall fall is far from my favorite season and I do believe a bit overhyped.

  1. Pumpkin Spice. Just stop. Look, I love pumpkin. Real pumpkin. You can buy pumpkin year round. Sure, most shops only do it seasonally because it should be seasonal but between the local grocery store and Amazon it is not that difficult to find pumpkin and make those treats year round. Also if it’s a cold weather food why does it seem to disappear from peoples social media after November? Because people limit it to fall. That’s fine,  just please stop making it the holy of all flavors. Stop downgrading cider.
  2. The leaves. I absolutely love the colors of fall. The leaves are sooo pretty when they change on the trees and fall to the ground. While they last. But after a couple weeks everything is brown and dead and laying all around you and will remain that way until there’s snow/it’s May. Without snow, it’s depressing.
  3. The weather changes. I understand the cooler weather. But I cannot stand the transition of hot/cold/hot/maybe cool/freezing cold/wear 239 layers because we don’t know what today shall be. Don’t forget an umbrella, it just might rain even though it says 0% chance of rain. To be a little more fair that’s kind of Ohio year round but at least in the summer and winter there’s a steadier chance of it being either hot or cold.
  4. The sickness. I would really hope this is one that everyone can agree on. Seriously everyone gets sick this time of the year and it continues on until school is out. Obviously I blame schools for this.
  5. Allergies. Okay so this and sickness could be tied in but I hate not knowing if the person sneezing on their money before they hand it to me has a cold or hay fever. Please just don’t sneeze on me or anything you’re handing me. Thanks. I really appreciate it.
  6. Throwing away summer. All through the winter all you hear is “I can’t wait for summer, for the lake/pools/ocean, for tans, for relaxation” etc. So fall isn’t here until September 22nd. Can we please just enjoy the moments?

That’s pretty much it, but I do think they are fairly valid. The reality is that I hate what fall brings. Here in Ohio, fall does not last nearly as long as it should and it quickly turns cold and empty. Say whatever you want, but I much prefer spring when life is returning and everything is fresh. Fall isn’t evil and it definitely is a beautiful season it’s just much too short lived.

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