Fall Playlist

I woke up today and grabbed my phone to check the weather, it was 65 degrees with a high of only 72 and my soul sighed, “ahhhhhh.”  It feels like fall is finally in the air. Everything about fall is my favorite. If I could live in an eternal fall, I would.

Every year, my favorite playlist to make is my fall playlist. It always includes my favorite songs and/or favorite artists. It is always full of songs that make me feel like cozying up in a blanket or around a bonfire.

So here it is: my fall 2016 playlist. And unlike my summer playlist, I’m going to include my favorite lyric from each song because all of these songs have a deep and special meaning to me.

Love Is Beginning – Imaginary Future
So let’s start carving our own path,
one day it will become a road
we’ll drive down to the countryside

Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran
I was made to keep your body warm
but I’m cold as the wind blows
so hold me in your arms

Northern Wind – City & Colour (my favorite artist and arguably my favorite song ever)
You are all four seasons rolled into one
you’re like the cold December snow in the warm July sun

We Found Each Other In The Dark – City & Colour (sorry not sorry I’m obsessed and Dallas Greens voice puts me in the mood for fall all year long)
Through the black soulless water,
And the cold lonely air.
On the rough restless seas,
The vessel in deep disrepair.
And I swore they started singing,
But then oh, rejoice!
I can still hear your voice.”

Babylon – David Gray
and if you want it, come and get it
for crying out loud
the love that I was giving you was
never in doubt”

Oceans – Seafret
I want you
Yeah, I want you
and I always will

Sensible Heart – City & Colour (I told you, he’s my favorite)
I get so distracted 
by some peoples reactions
that I don’t see my own faults
for what they are

Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheehan (also I totally swoon over the way he says ‘autumn’)
do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you
float down like autumn leaves?”

November Blue – The Avett Brothers (I just saw them in concert this past friday – AMAZING)
I’m killin’ myself thinking,
I’ve fallen like the leaves

Save Your Scissors – City & Colour
there is something I must confess
to you tonight
to you tonight 
that is I expect nothing less
from you tonight
from you tonight

There you have it. This isn’t complete and there are definitely more great songs I could add, but these are some of my most favorite songs.

I hope these songs put you in the autumn state of mind as much as they do for me. Comment below with your favorite fall songs!

Thanks for reading!
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9 thoughts on “Fall Playlist

  1. I love this playlist! You have a great selection of songs here! Is it okay if I use this as inspiration for my own fall playlist blog post? I’ve been contemplating sharing one and I found your post and loved it! Keep up the great work Kendra, you and Haley have a lovely blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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