Seasons of Moments.

 You know, I had this entire blog post planned out in my head and I finally sit down to write it and I can barely remember two words I had put together in my mind earlier. Time flies by. At some point in the past two weeks I heard on the radio a quote that was about enjoying the moments and not the days. I needed that quote. This is the time of the year where all the days blur together and I cannot keep them straight.

In addition to normal end of the summer business, the coffee shop I work part time at got bought out and is going through a transition period. There have been weddings galore (so fun!), two health scares in my family (both are fine and on the mend now!), and a surprise party for my husband which was so much fun. He had no idea and we felt so loved by all who helped me pull that off and who showed up. Long story short though-Life has been busy.

I’m a planner. I like to have everything planned to the minute. But I’m learning to let some of that go, to enjoy the moments and make the most of them. I enjoy being busy but sometimes I get so caught up in the business that I miss what is happening during the days. So I’ve been enjoying the moments, good and bad. In Ecclesiastes we see a breakdown of different kind of seasons. Seasons of moments.

Instead of schedule checking, I set down my phone. I have to force my brain to not think about what I’m doing the next day. After all we are only promised the time that we are living in right now. Deep breaths when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I make sure I’m prepared for the upcoming by planning out my meals, making sure I have my hair and makeup kit ready, etc.

But I refuse to obsess over what may happen. I refuse to fly through the moments just to get to the next one. I’m beginning to force myself to stop overthinking and overplanning. Here soon Josiah and I are going to go camping and you better believe I fully intend on soaking up every one of those moments.

But why do we wait for those times to enjoy what’s going on in real time? Let’s enjoy the little things more. A kind person while we are working, laughs shared with a client or customer. Quiet times in the evenings at home with your family-whether it be spouse, children, animals or a mix of those. Easy drives to and from wherever we are going. Enjoying friendships-really taking the time to enjoy friendships. Also enjoying the busyness, just breathing and praying through the rough times knowing that it is a season.

Every second in life is a moment and since we are only promised the moment we are in lets make the most of each one. Good and bad. Maximize the good, minimize the bad, breathe through them all.

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