Quick Quinoa Lunch

Lunch is one of the most annoying meals of the day for people with hectic schedules. I don’t have a “lunch break” per say with either of my jobs. So of course I love quick grab and go lunches. I try to plan out all my meals the week before and if I can prep my lunches for the week as well even better. I need something that’ll fill me up and keep me energized, instead of filling me up and making me sleepy. The days I don’t have my lunches prepped I normally plan on leftovers.

I love quinoa. I can make a whole bunch on Sunday and ration it out with different toppings for the rest of the week. By now I’m sure you know all about quinoa. Including how expensive it can be. Thankfully our Marketplace Kroger has a place where I can weigh out my own quinoa, so I normally just get what I need for a week or two and my wallet and I are happy. This past week I got tri colored quinoa for the first time and it all tastes the same but it looks so pretty.


Mmmmmm. See those little rings around each grain? They should be there after the quinoa is fully cooked. For those that haven’t cooked quinoa-it’s so easy. Simply do a 1-2 ratio of quinoa-water, bring together to a boil then cover the pot, lower to simmer for about 15-20min until all the water is gone and those little rings are there. Tada! I usually do a tiny bit less water than called for.

So on to the blog post. My favorite toppings are pretty simple. I usually get a cup or so of quinoa and top it off with a little feta, dried cranberries, and some slivered almonds if I have some. If I have any leftover chicken I normally add some of that in as well. If I really want to get fancy I toss in a handful of spinach. Then I top it off with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and put it in the fridge! Super simple, filling, and keeps me going through the sleepy afternoon hours. (Also makes a savory breakfast!)



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