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Loose Curl Tutorial

I always get asked how I curl my hair. Always. Anytime I actually get some hot tools out and do my hair, the question gets asked. Almost makes me want to curl my hair more often. People never believe me when I say it’s 70% product and 30% curl technique. What I use to prep my hair and during the styling is what makes my hair curl like it does. So let’s start with the basics. Grab either a 3/4in or 1in curling iron and let it start heating while you read the rest.

Whether you let your hair dry naturally or blow dry it, the prep matters. I used IGK Call Time and PRAVANA Model Behavior this time. The IGK product lightly detangled my hair, conditioned, and provided a gentle heat protectant while Model Behavior smoothed, also conditioned, and have it a light hold. Both products smell amazing. Always a bonus.

I blow dried my hair and was left with this fluff. Yes. My ends are fried and in major need of a haircut. Don’t judge.

I then start my first section from the top of my ears. Yes, this is a huge section. I only split it up into 3 sections after that and do massive curls. Because this is underneath, you don’t want big curl here unless you want really big fluffy hair. If you already have natural wave to your hair, you can skip this section entirely.

Be sure to spray down every section with a thermal spray that has a hold. My favorite? CHI 44 Thermal Spray.

I then take about 1 1/2in up for the next section. I take pieces about the width shown here, from the front of my face to the halfway of my ear, and curl away from my face. 

Let down your second to last section. This should be your part line and just clipping up the heaviest part of your hair. Again, curl away from your face with thicker sections. I diagonal my curling iron as I do this so that it gives a little lift and keep it with the angle of my head.

Let down that very last section. Curl this one from back to front, and lay your curling iron almost horizontally across the top of your head. 

This may be the most important part in the curling technique. At the bangs, split them into two smaller sections and curl. Again, horizontally.

In the end you should be left with something like this. Spiral curls that are not perfect and most are big and chunky. Give it a quick spritz of hairspray, I like the PRAVANA Super Shape (bonus-all PRAVANA Nevo products are vegan and natural!) and do your makeup while the curls cool down. 

Then shake out your curls and you’re good to go! Below are the differences between a 3/4in curling iron and a 1in.

I apologize if any of these pictures are huge or the text is jumbled, I’m using the WordPress App for the first time while I’m visiting my mother to work on my sisters hair..more on that next week. 
Xoxo, Haley


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