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Latest Fav. Texturizing Products (and some big news!)

So in case you haven’t figured out what I do for a living from my other posts, it’s hair and makeup. I’m a licensed stylist in Ohio and I specialize in updos, formal styles and airbrush makeup. I also work in a salon and offer all hair services. (if you’re in the area and want to schedule with me-click here!) So with a bit of my background now it shouldn’t be a surprise that I love a good texture product. I prefer ones that can be used on dry hair especially given that when I’m onsite doing wedding hair 99.99% of the time I am working with dry hair. Also, I prefer them for 2nd and 3rd day hair to change up the style on it’s last couple days. There’s normally a powder type and a spray. I’m going to share with you 2 of each that are currently my go-to’s.



Sexy Hair Powder Play

I feel like everyone knows about this one and for good reason. Just a couple little shakes of this at the scalp, rub it into the hair and boom. Big hair. Big separation. If you’re doing an updo it gives you some definite grit for your bobby pins to hold on to all night long. If you’re looking for everything big, this is it.



It’s no secret I love PRAVANA. Check out their company and you’ll love them too! I am in the process of changing all of my color to them right now and I adore their styling products. Especially this one. It promises velvety soft separation and it does not disappoint. For more fine and silky hair, for creating piecey braids, and for days where you want texture but not mega texture or you don’t want to feel the product quite as much, grab this. I also mentioned it in this blog post. I love it on my coarse and thick hair for daily wear and I use it on my clients for a softer feel.



Joico Hair Shake

Another item not new to the blog, I’m still loving this one. Now. It does say to spray to the root for lift and separation. I’ve never gotten that effect from this. I prefer to spray it on the ends of the hair before pinning it up or before making a big braid. Less is more with this one! It smells amazing and gives that extra hold I like, or for daily wear on waves gives a little extra oompf.


Un.Done Texture Spray

This is a pretty new find for me. I was introduced to this company at a beauty expo I attended at the beginning of the month and ah man. I want everything they make. It all smells incredible and works wonderfully. This texture spray is made without salt which is a little different, but creates some gorgeous texture that lasts. Think that nice beachy texture. Just spray onto dry hair wherever you want an undone look and voila! There it is. Great for everyday or if you’re wanting a more evening look.

There is is! I love these products so much. Okay. Are you ready for my big news?!

Have you ever heard of the brand Hair U Wear or Hairdo? If not, no worries. They own 6 subcompanies and sell hair extensions in places such as Sally’s, Ulta, various salons, and others. About a month ago they were running a styling contest and I decided to enter it on a whim. Why not, they have to see my picture right? I had no expectations on becoming one of 10 finalists or a winner or anything like that. (The winner gets flown to Miami, FL for a few days and gets to work on a photoshoot-how cool is that!?)
Well while at the beauty expo between classes I got an email that I was one of 10 finalists! I’m still in shock and so, so honored. So I was mailed some extensions to create another style (photo below) and from November 3rd until November 10th it is up to the public to vote and decide a winner! Will you help me out by voting daily? It would mean the world to me. I will be updating with a link once it opens up for vote. Love you all and thanks for reading!


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