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Everyday Twist Tutorial

I’ve been doing this style for years. I love it. It is my go-to 5 minute style to get me out the door on time on my bad hair days, or on days when I just don’t have time to fix it. I found the original post on The Beauty Department but have since added my own twists to it. This style works great on shorter to medium length hair. It can be done on longer hair you’ll just get a different look.

What you’ll need:

Grab that texture spray! This is the time to use the Pravana Lived-In powder that I talked about here.

Bobby pins. I use jumbo pins and normal pins both from Sally’s. Seriously my favorite pins ever.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I use a lot of pictures and go into a lot of detail on my tutorials, then claim “this will only take you a few minutes!”. That’s because I am a detail person. I want to see every single step and see every single picture to make sure I’m doing something exactly right. I know I’m not the only one out there like this. Really though this is a quick style, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time!



Step 1: Sprinkle some Lived-In Powder through all your hair. If you want to tease a little at the crown and around hairline around your face go ahead and do that now. Gently take half of your hair and beginning at the partline, twist it all back. Pin that half to the head using one of the jumbo pins. Twist the other half over the same way, crossing over the top of your first twist. Loop the end of it as shown.

Step 2: This may sound confusing, but very gently tuck the looped end of your second twist into the first twist. Pin the second half using a jumbo pin as well. Sometimes I add another jumbo pin at this point if I want super security. Using normal sized bobby pins, place them at the top of the twist to pin down any loose ends sticking up from the “tail” you tucked under, and to help add security.

Step 3: Gently lay your hand over the top of your head and lightly pull up the hair in one motion. This will loosen up the style so it doesn’t look slicked down to your head but will still feel secure and last all day. Give a quick spritz with your favorite hairspray and you’re set!



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p.s. Two things. 1) there is a weird shadow on the back of my neck in that first picture. no idea what happened there. I think my earring left the shadow…? 2) yes I did most of this style in my pjs.


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