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Winters Favorite: Hair Static

It’s that lovely time of the year again. It’s time for sweaters, hot chocolate, holidays, and static. Raise your hand if you hate static as much as I do! (Which is a LOT) Thankfully there’s magically items like fabric softener and dryer sheets to help with clothing static, and that awesome anti static spray that comes with the scary fire warning on the label. There are also humidifiers to help in our homes. But what about hair static. It’s awful, right?! Nothing quite like seeing your hair try to float away from your head as a normal fall/winter accessory.

I feel like many of us who despise hair static have tried about everything we could find:

Dryer sheet on hairbrush?  Check

Actual hand lotion on the hair? Check (who cares how greasy I look, right?)

Massive amounts of conditioner and product? Check

Just keeping hair up in a bun and under a hat until spring arrives? Check

I remember having times of debating on using that anti static spray on my hair. Thankfully that warning label was plenty to keep me from trying that. Also it doesn’t smell that great.

So thankfully times have changed and we have more options readily available to us now. I’m going to share with you two of my favorites.

  1. Dry conditioner. Hello. Game changer. Same idea as dry shampoo, but it softens and silkens. Just like dry shampoo you get what you pay for. These are those products that I will strongly encourage to spend a little more money on because you will be able to tell a difference. I’m a product junkie-I’ve tried just about everything out there. Find one of my favorites here.
  2. Smoothing treatments. This is where it gets a little more into investing some money, but I will talk about the amazingness (my favorite made up word there) of a smoothing treatment as long as you will let me. I offer two at the salon I work at. One is a temporary one that helps lock in color and lasts 6-8 shampoos while the other lasts 10-12 weeks. Yeah. Pretty awesome. I’m sure we have all heard the horrors that one company went through where their smoothing treatment was releasing formaldehyde into the salon. Scary, right? Good news is that those people were applying the product incorrectly. The other good news is that there are also smoothing treatments that don’t have any of that stuff in it. WOO!

There are a few different kinds of smoothing treatments. Some you have to wait 2-3 days before you can pull it up, style, wash it, swim, or anything like that so that they treatment can finish working. There are others (like the one I use) that you can pull your hair up into a ponytail right after leaving and don’t have to worry about any creasing in the hair. They have similar results and are usually a stylists preference. I don’t think one really outweighs the other. Now they are more pricey. Around here in this part of the midwest they average around $200. So what makes these things so great and so worth the money?

Less drying and styling time, like 1/2 the time for most people. Who doesn’t want that? They take away the frizz and static, seriously, and your hair feels incredibly silky soft for 10-12 weeks. They can straighten your hair completely or keep your natural texture and still do all this.  They also can help prevent damage and help keep your color more vibrant, and for blondes they help repair the damage that’s been done. You also would not believe the shine your hair will have. It’s a vibrant shine not the greasy shine. 😉

I’ve gotten these done and am always amazed at how much more manegable my thick coarse hair is. I’m hooked on them.

So the dry conditioner is a great go to if you can’t or don’t want to get a smoothing treatment done, and the treatments that last for a few shampoos are great for a trial run to see if you’ll like a long term treatment. These are my two go to’s for kicking hair static to the curb.

Have you had any kind of smoothing treatment done? Have you been using dry conditioner for years already?


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