“It’s The Holiday Season…”

Monday’s are stressful. That’s why I’m writing my post on a Wednesday when I normally write on a Tuesday. Monday required a day for recovery. Monday was a reminder to the goodness and grace of my Father who spared my cousins during the OSU fiasco. Two of them were supposed to be in the building when everything took place. They decided to sleep in instead. So grateful.

Then the Gatlinburg wildfires happened. (really what was going on Monday) So we spent a lot of that night watching that unfold. Thankful for so many lives that were spared and saddened still by the destruction of so much.

What a welcome to the holiday season.

But with the holiday season officially upon us, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was busy as always. I know that this season can be a mixed bag for some. I know people who hate it because they see the greed that happens, and others (like myself) who love it. I believe it depends on where you work and where you live. I’ve always worked with people in customer service as a barista for nearly 5 years and now as a cosmetologist. So I normally see the happy and joyful side of people.

So for you doubters out there here’s 5 reasons to love the holiday season:

  1. The decorations. I mean everywhere you look there are lights and people have fires lit and are cozy. Places look warm and welcoming and homes are extra so. Even if it’s just hanging up a wreath on the door there’s something about it.
  2. Going to look at the decorations. Seriously if you don’t do this you need to this year. Take an evening and drive around a neighborhood, it’s like everyone has a competition to see who can outdo the other. There’s a house we drove by last year inadvertently that actually connected to a radio station so you could listen to music while the lights “danced” along with it. How fun? (also seriously who has time to do that!?)
  3. The joy. Okay so not everyone sees this. But go walk downtown, not in a mall. Go to your hometown or favorite small town and walk downtown. Grab a cup of coffee. Visit some of the shops. You’ll find most people are happy and smiling to eachother, conversing in small talk. People are extra kind to other strangers. I love it.
  4. The music. Yes I’m a sucker for the old songs and jazzy Christmas will always be my favorite, but some of the new songs out there aren’t all that bad. Especially by some Christian artists such as Francesca Battistelli, Lauren Diagle, and Aaron Shust. For this list in particular I highly reccomend checking out “Heaven Everywhere” by Francesca Battistelli, it really sums up how I feel about the holiday season.
  5. The family. Now I fully understand not everyone has this. I feel for those who don’t. But sometimes our true friends are just as close as, if not closer than, family and that’s okay. Those relationships always seem extra special during this time especially during the parties and passing them on the street. Treasure those relationships. With family and with friends that are there through thick and thin.

Seriously. Go listen to that song and it is all there. Yes there is greed this time of year and people get a little extra crazy (believe me those annoy me too!) but when I take a moment and look around I see joy, peace, and hope. I see generosity of people paying it forward. I see people meeting at coffee shops to have a gift exchange as a way to show love towards another. I see people bundled up and smiling just because. I see peace in the evenings as I pass homes that are filled with warmth. Let’s focus on being that those things year and spreading it around. It only takes one to cause the ripple.


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