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Winter Hair Picks

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to decide what to blog on. Like, really hard. I throw around 100 ideas and 99 of them I would do in a heartbeat but it would require me to have taken pictures at a point where I just didn’t. Maybe I’ll get better at doing that. Soon I’ll have a post on holiday eye makeup. But for today I will share with you a few of my favorite hair colors for this time of year. Here’s a hint-I love every color year round so you’re going to see a little bit of everything.


We are seeing the ombre everywhere still and I am not complaining. It’s taken several sessions to bring my sisters ends this light, but we finally made it and her hair is in great shape. Doesn’t she just have awesome hair anyway?


Ugh. Yes. I love a good copper. This girl I’ve always been able to rely on for something vibrant. The shine is 100% from the color line I use, cannot beat how vibrant and beautiful PRAVANA is.


A natural rooted hand painted blonde is always a good choice. It’s natural and subtle and lets you go longer between color sessions. Perfect for people on the go who want a little brightness in their life.


Again. PRAVANA provides that shine. Warm chocolate and caramel is a classic for colder months and is hard to beat. Also these shorter cuts are just fantastic.


My other sister who is completely and totally for the vibrant colors. She’s actually bright purple right now, but we both loved this teal. I always know it’s going to be a vibrant appointment when she comes in!

What is your favorite color in this list? Do you change your hair up for the cooler months? Let me know!


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