This year has been a whirlwind. All over social media I keep seeing “at the beginning of 2016 vs at the end of 2016” memes and it’s a happy picture followed by a depressing picture and I just keep thinking “I feel like overall it was a pretty good year.” Yes admittedly worldwide this year was…intense. There was good and bad, but don’t let the bad consume you. It wasn’t an easy year and like every year had moments of deep grief, but looking back I see growth and time taken advantage of. Countless hours of laughter with friends and family.


This year had a rough start. Both of my great grandmothers passed in February 3 days apart. Aren’t they beautiful? Both lived very full lives and were very loved by many.


In the spring my husband and I became the worship leaders of our church.


We spent our first anniversary in Cincinnati and had a blast.

We redid some of our wedding pictures. Isn’t my sister an incredible photographer?!


We took a family vacation with my husband’s side to Dauphin Island, AL. So beautiful.


Which was immediately followed by my sisters graduation. *sniffle*


I had the opportunity to see a stylist I love teach a class with my boss and coworker. (seriously, her updos are incredible)

I also got to collaborate with a local photographer and florist for an advertising shoot which was so much fun!


After a longer process than needed, we bought our first home.


Which meant I was able to bring my dog home after my parents graciously kept her while we didn’t have room. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?


My moms side had their first reunion in years, and some of the adults may have taken over the glow sticks that were meant for the kids.


Josiah and I took a long weekend to unplug and camp at Hocking Hills. I love Lake Hope.
Millie came along of course.


With the help of some of our friends, I successfully pulled off a surprise birthday party for my hubby.


This was my second year with Pinned Up Ltd on the wedding side and it only got better, cannot wait to see what the years to come bring. Also I got back into the salon this year as the Pinned Up salon reopened.


Willow was fascinated this year by the tree and got some snazzy Christmas accessories herself.

Not pictured is Violet, who was not in the mood to be photographed much this year but if you go to her Instagram page @violet_thehedgehog you’ll see an adorable video of her letting me rub her belly for the first time.

There is so much more that happened this year. If I posted even all the highlights you would be scrolling for days. But isn’t that how our years should be? How our days should be? So full and so unique that we almost can’t count all that happened?

The year isn’t over yet. This weekend we will spend it with some good friends and I have a couple weddings to do, and then it is on to next year. Truly we are blessed. Truly. I hope you can reflect back on this year and see love and growth and I pray 2017 brings the same.


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