• 2016 •


2016 was {probably} the most defining, life-altering year of my life.
It was full of big changes, both great and challenging.

As cliche and probably over-done as this is, I want to reflect back on this year and look forward to what 2017 will hold.

I turned 25.
A quarter of a century…I don’t get carded as much and I have gray hairs.

I quit my job, left a small town (YAS, bless the Lord o my soul), and moved to the city.
I’ve always been a city girl and 8 years in a small town was rough. I’m so happy to live in an urban area with so many cool places. (seriously Columbus is amazing).

I found an amazing church and community group.
The high light of 2016 was finding Veritas and joining a community group. Community is so important to me and finding a church so quickly after moving was a blessing.

I landed a job at the school I wanted to work at.
I applied and interviewed at several autism schools in Columbus, but there was only one I truly wanted and I got it. I truly have the best job and the most amazing, caring co-workers who have turned into great friends (we even choose to hang out outside of work).

I completely changed my whole diet.
I went from eating animal products 3 or more times a day, to eating none on a vegan diet. It has been challenging but so, so worth it. And I feel great!

I traveled to Florida, Michigan and North Carolina.
And I drove on the interstate!

I survived a condo fire.
If you haven’t read the blog, go here. I’m having flash-backs, I can’t drive past the condo and I still cry when I pass a fire truck. This has been one of the hardest things I’ve walked through. I’m learning to trust God’s sovereignty.

I moved out.
I’m in my own apartment (with a roommate) and I got cooking tools for Christmas. I’m a terrible cook, but hey I’m trying.

I survived my apartment getting broken into.
It took away my feeling of safety and security, but God provided in amazing ways and I’m learning to trust in Him and not in worldly comfort.

Changes. New places, people and experiences.
In all things, I learned to seek Jesus more. I learned to lean into what He’s doing. To find Him present in every moment, even in the seemingly bad times.

This year was challenging, but I grew.
And I wouldn’t change a thing.

So, farewell, 2016.
And cheers to you, 2017.
I’m expectant at all you will bring.

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