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July Beauty Bust

First off, how in the world is it the middle of July already?! I mean seriously didn’t June just start? My favorite season is flying by and it’s been a whirlwind of family, friends, activities, weddings, competitions, and photoshoots. All in all a pretty great summer so far. It’s far past time for me to post some beauty picks, and I’ve got a beauty no go for me on here this time too. Here we go…


Urban Decay The Velvetizer

I was not totally sure of what I was getting myself into when I grabbed this. So we all know that Urban Decay All Nighter foundation is my go to and I love the full coverage I get from it. I thought that’s as full coverage and matte as it got. WRONG. I mixed a little baby shake of this in with my foundation and it thickened it up and oh my coverage. I couldn’t believe the coverage I got from mixing this in and the matte finish was beautiful.  On days where I feel like I need a little extra coverage or longevity, you better believe I’ll be adding this in. Bonus, my face felt baby soft. Ask my coworker, I made her feel my face.

Filtered Light Powder

Tarte Filtered Light Setting Powder

Another favorite brand of mine as we all know. So they just came out with this recently and I knew I had to try it. I’ve been using their Smooth Operator pressed powder and I like it but I feel like I have to reapply during the day and if I’m not careful I get flashback. Filtered Light on the other hand was created to have no flashback and it holds up to that! Also I felt like I could go a bit longer without feeling like I needed to blot. Gotta love that combination skin. Also it smells like cocoa. Yes, a bit out of the Too Faced book, but when it smells so yummy I can’t complain.

Photo Finish Mascara Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Lash Primer

I am a huge eye makeup fan. I always have been. My makeup journey started with clear mascara and my first big makeup purchases were BareEssentials eyeshadows. One of my favorite things is mascara primer. I haven’t been using one for awhile, I ran out of my Clinique one which I liked but didn’t know quite where to go from there because I didn’t love it. I saw the dual brush on this one and was intrigued. I am glad I grabbed it. So you apply with the regular mascara side, then take the comb side to get your lashes exactly where you want them. Make sure you get excess product off of that comb though or else it’s clump city. Overall though I think this will be a repeat purchase for me.

Nyx Purple Mascara

NYX Color Mascara

Okay. Here’s the deal. I wanted to love this. I tried to love this. But it didn’t have the color payout I needed. I have light eyelashes, I tried this without and with the primer. My thought was the primer is white, it will give a good bright base right? Wrong. I just didn’t get the color. Maybe I tried too deep of a color (I got purple), but I was sadly disappointed. I love NYX lip products and Le Frou Frou was always my go to mascara! Such high hopes…


What have you been trying and liking lately? Tell me! Has anyone tried Aura from Urban Decay yet?? I need to know. It’s been out every time I’ve got to try it.


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One thought on “July Beauty Bust

  1. I definitely have to try that velvetizer! Loved this entry. I just found your blog today and I’m definitely following to keep up with the rest of your content. Looking forward to your future posts! I would love it you could stop by sometime!
    Mena |

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